Why Another English Translation?

1st Century Truths for 21st Century Minds

  • The Lifegate New Testament carries forward the words and underlying meanings of the original Greek text, without altering the text to make it say something that it does not.

  • It is easily read and understood by a speaker of 21st century English.

  • The text is devoid of obsolete words and phrases.

  • It retains, accentuates, and develops examples of literary devices, while striving to employ compact, concise, meaning-rich phrasing.

Designed for These Readers

  • College Readers

  • Jail Ministries

  • Military Chaplains

  • ENL

  • New Believers

Young people and new believers would benefit from owning and using this version of the New Testament.

Readers who experience autism or attention deficits will be blessed by its clean appearance, devoid of distractions such as footnotes or oversized verse markers.

If we’ve got you curious, please download the Gospel of Mark!

Download The Gospel of Mark